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Getting Started

PODFY is a Android and Webapp Podcast Player that will synchronize your playlist, as well as which podcasts you have listen to accross devices. It will also synchronize playing positions so that you can left of from where you were, from any device.

In order to use PODFY you just need to signup for an account. You can use either a Google or Facebook account. If you don't have one, you can also signup for an account on PODFY.

You can import your Google Reader Subscriptions automaticaly, using the web app, and your Google Account.

Why do I need to signup?

PODFY will keep track of which Podcasts you have already listen to, so it needs to be able to remember you.

On Android

Play or Enqueue a Podcast

When you touch the row of a Podcast, PODFY will start playing it. If that particular Podcast is not available on your phone or tablet, PODFY will stream its contents from the Internet. You can save on your mobile data plan (if you have a limit), by telling PODFY not to stream podcasts while on the go.

Touching on the + button will enqueue this Podcast at the end of you current playlist. To dequeue it, just press the x button. The + and x buttons will change background colors so you can easily check the Podcast status.

Touch the row to immediately play the podcast or use the + button to enqueue it.
Long press on a Podcast to set advanced options.
Use the numbered blue squares to drag and drop your playlist items and reorder them.
Playlists Synchronization and Podcast Time Position

Scroll to the Playlist page and manage your playlist. You can remove, or change the order of all of the Podcasts in your playlist. Just click the remove buttons or drag and drop using the numbered blue squares. PODFY will store your playlist, and Podcast playing position, so that you can finish listen to it on your PC or in another device.

Clear and Magic

Hit the Magic button to catch up with your subscriptions. PODFY will play some of your Podcasts in chronological order, so you can enjoy them better. If your phone is not online, the Magic button will only play Podcasts already cached on the device.

Manage and synchronize your playlist across your devices.
Keep Subscriptions Offline

Go to the Subscriptions pane and long press a image. The Subscription Settings Dialog will allow you to unsubscribe the show, or specify how many unplayed Podcasts of this Subscription PODFY should keep in your device for offline listening.

A blue dot on the Podcasts pane, will tell you that the Podcast was downloaded to the device. PODFY will automatically remove old and played Podcasts from your device in order to save space.
You can also manually keep podcasts on your device. Long press one podcast and select "Keep on Device". PODFY will keep it on the device until you finish listening to it. The yellow dot tells which podcasts you manually set to keep on your device.

Long press on a Subscription picture to see the Subscription Dialog.
The blue dot tells you when a Podcast is automatically cached on the device and a yellow dot when you manually set it.
Touch the player bar for more control.
Even more control.

Touching the bottom player bar will show you a seek bar that you can use to skeep some parts of your podcasts. There is also a previous and next bottom to move through the playlist.


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