PODFY is a Podcast Player that Synchronizes your playlists across your phone, tablet and PC.
The Podcast Player that Synchronizes across your Devices.
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Synchronized Podcasts and Playlists

PODFY synchronizes the last played position of your Podcasts so that you can pick from where you left off. But better than that, it updates all your devices with that info.
That way, when you switch devices, you can just keep on listening!

Where the Magic Happens

Catch up with your shows when you push the Magic! button. PODFY will create an automatic playlist, picking the shows you forgot to listen. If you are in your mobile phone, without a data connection, it will choose the Podcasts you currently have on your device.

Synchronize your podcasts and playlists across devices

Why the Media Loves Us

Top 20 Android Apps
"enables you to sort them into playlists – with automation to lighten the load of compiling them"

Top 50 Android Apps
"... on top of my list, with syncing between web and app, import from Google Reader, and easy access via your Google account. The interface is gorgeous."

Top 10 Android Apps
"updates subscriptions on your phone or tablet automatically... PODFY works flawlessly and has a gorgeous interface to boot"

Interesting Apps on Google Play
"It is a cloud PostCast player which helps you to keep in view your subscribed podcasts. It does - thanks to cloud - not matter what system you currently are. Whether Android or PC, the playlists are synchronized. Practical: The podcasts can also be imported directly from the Google Reader."

Apps of the Week
"Subscriptions are synchronized among various devices and you don't have to remember from were you left off the last time. I particularly like the ability to import podcasts directly from the Google Reader."